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Let me introduce myself

Hi there!
I'm new here, Anna Danwells from Brazil, I got a band called Arctica who is inspired by the beutiful word from Dido.
I've made a song about her, And I would like to show to you guys.

Only one out there (Music and lyrics by Haryel, me, Nugget Hidrófobo)
Staring to me, there's only you
My treasure was found, it's your smile
When you laugh and when you clap your hands
It's okay to me, just for a while

Everyday I am with you and you're always by my side
You aswered my call, i'm too nervous
Did you notice, you're all my style?
And you are all my style

And I'm trying to make a song about you
I realize who I am since I saw you
Could be other one, only one out there
And I thank God everynight cause you care

Singing to me, there you are
Can you see me crying from so far?
I know I'm luck just to be around
Saturday's morning I'm the only you found
Can I say to my friends about you?
All the things I need to thank you
Cause nothing I could find in this world
Such love and beauty in your words"

I've made this song to her, cause I'm really thankful for all her music and inspiration.
Hope you guys enjoyed...

I'm really glad to find this community, see ya around!
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